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It’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Life – Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Making it a Reality

Great, Big, Beautiful Grief is heading into its second week, and oh, so many encouraging comments, follows, shares and, most importantly, an abundance of genuinely loving support!  Thank you to everyone who has reached out, read and absorbed.  It means the world and fills my heart with the utmost gratitude. When I first introduced the blog to the public, I […]

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YOU are the Author of YOUR Life – Tips for Creating Your Own, Unique Sixth-Stage of Grief

Anyone who knows anything about grief (and even one who doesn’t) has most likely heard of the five stages of grief. These stages were realized by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a pioneer in near death studies.  She did not develop the stages to describe the stages of loss people go through when someone dies, however, they are more about what terminally […]

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Nope, I’m So NOT Okay. But Thanks for Asking! – The BEST Thing to Say to a Person Grieving

“It’s been one HELLUVA ride, but I’m okay.” That’s the response I find myself uttering to the hundreds of well-meaning people who bombard me with the only question they feel is safe to ask… How are you doing? It’s not their fault they don’t know what to say.  Shoot, I never knew what to say either.  Sometimes I still don’t. […]

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