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Are you one of the unfortunate humans who walk the earth having experienced a significant loss? I’m talking about a loss; a close family member, a best friend, a parent, son, daughter, etc… You get it. One aspect of loss that never ceases to amaze me is that SO many people become your “best friend” when life goes awry. Everyone […]

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The Year of Firsts

On January 22nd, 2019, I was nothing more than a hollow vessel perusing the surface of the Earth.  There was nothing in me that was not grief, anger, or sadness, as much as I wanted to be the portrait of the picture perfect, faithful servant, who wanted to very much to understand why the Lord took her away. On this […]

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It’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Life – Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Making it a Reality

Great, Big, Beautiful Grief is heading into its second week, and oh, so many encouraging comments, follows, shares and, most importantly, an abundance of genuinely loving support!  Thank you to everyone who has reached out, read and absorbed.  It means the world and fills my heart with the utmost gratitude. When I first introduced the blog to the public, I […]

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